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Call Tariffs

We offer 1p/min calls to UK landlines and to over 130 international destinations including the US, Canada, Australia, France, China and most countries in Europe, North and Latin America and the Asia Pacific.

Our mobile call charges are also competitive, including 1p/min to mobiles in US, Canada, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our tariffs for UK mobiles have been standardised to 8p/min. This tariff is applicable to the 4 major mobile operators in the UK - O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

There are no connection charges. You only pay for the time of the call, subject to minimum 1p charge.

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Call Charges to Popular Destinations

Destination Standard Rate
Australia 1p
Canada 1p
China 1p
France 1p
Germany 1p
Hong Kong 1p
Italy 1p
New Zealand 1p
Singapore 1p
United States 1p

Choice of Tariffs:

Standard Tariff
This is the most cost-effective plan with the minimum possible call rates to all destinations while still ensuring excellent call quality. Standard Tariff

Premium Tariff
This plan provides the best call quality especially for calls to mobiles in areas such as Central Africa and Middle East, with developing telecom infrastructures, while still offering 1p/min and many other competitive call rates. Premium Tariff