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Customer Value

Voiplex provides the full range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of various business segments.

Are you managing or starting a small business? The BusinessTalk 100 is the ideal starter solution for you.
This gives you a fully featured small office switchboard together with built-in teleconferencing facility to make your business look more professional. Click here to read how one of our customers is benefiting from this product. As your business grows, this product can be easily upgraded to support more extensions, features and even more locations.

Are you a rapidly growing SME offering professional services to local/ international clients, or a retailer with outlets in multiple locations? You will surely benefit from the flexibility provided by the BusinessTalk 200.
Click here to read how customer responsiveness has been improved and how phone bills have been vastly reduced for a software development company working with international clients.

For larger installations of up to 500 handsets, the BusinessTalk 500 is an attractive proposition together with a wide range of software that can be integrated with the phone system. There are several available applications to choose from or software can also be developed as per specific business requirements. Click here to find out how a global property investment company based in Central London have benefited from Voiplex customised software for their hosted office services.

For large multinational corporations, Voiplex offers the BusinessTalk 1000 and Call Centre products.
Moreover for corporates with existing deployments of 1000's of handsets, Voiplex can provide gateways, adapters and value added software for add-on features such as voicemail, voice recording, conferencing etc.