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Global Enterprise

We recognise the more complex needs of large multi-site corporations. Corporations want to benefit from new IP telephony, but at the same time they are averse to the disruption from wholesale replacement of their legacy systems.

In addition, companies are reluctant to be locked into proprietary systems from major suppliers.

Voiplex is the place to turn to with a range of options that span your requirements:

  • Consultancy - If you are unsure of your specifications, we can work with you as an independent consultant to assist you to identify and define a system and a transition plan for your business to adopt VoIP telephony in the most economic manner

  • Complementary features - If you already have a basic VoIP system, even if from another supplier such as Cisco, Nortel or Avaya, our engineers can be contracted to develop additional software applications that can be bolted on to your system to provide additional features. Such features could be for example: intelligent call routing and forwarding / call charge billing by project / call recording according to specific rules, a centralised voicemail management system etc.

  • Satellite office systems - Where satellite offices have more flexibility to adopt new systems, a Voiplex system could be the solution that integrates with your existing main office telecom infrastructure, whilst allowing the satellite office to take advantage of features such as a built-in teleconferencing system and the call cost saving. This approach could also be a first step in a company-wide phased roll-out of a Voiplex system

  • Enterprise wide systems - If the desire is to rip out and replace a legacy system, then we provide a new system and install and roll-out with minimal business disruption

Whichever approach you require all our phone systems offer:

  • Complete unified communications package with IP telephony and conferencing
  • Bespoke solutions for conferencing, voice recording, voicemail management and other specific needs
  • Integration with existing business processes and CRM systems
  • Standard equipment and standard platforms to avoid vendor tie-in
  • Seamless integration with voice recording