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Mid Market

As a professional services company, a retailer with operating from multiple locations or a firm with international clients, you will be looking for some of the following capabilities in your phone system

  • Route incoming calls to appropriate departments (e.g. sales, support)
  • Dial in an extension directly or speak to the receptionist for assistance
  • Link multiple office locations or franchises to a single receptionist and be able to make free calls across locations
  • Integration of phone systems with exiting business processes and existing CRM
  • Low calling tariffs for international destinations


  • A reliable future-proof solution based on standard technologies to cater to all present and any future communication needs
  • Fully customised solution to match your exact business needs
  • Improved responsiveness with customers who are able to contact staff directly on their extension or speak to the receptionist
  • Seamless integration of multiple locations through one or more receptions
  • A wide range of customer specials and software add-ons for billing, conference management, call analytics and other business needs
  • Self-management tools for adding or removing extensions dynamically without any business disruption
  • Complete integration of your phone system with existing CRM, Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Outlook
  • 1p per min call tariffs to over 130 international destinations
  • SmartBilling to bill calls to your clients directly, as and when you need to

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