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Working from Home

Allowing staff to work from home has become popular with businesses of all sizes for various kinds of operations.

  • Ideal for people working from home, virtual teams and for providing customer services outside normal working hours
  • Happier, more efficient employees because of better work-life balance
  • Employees spend less time on travelling and more on business activities
  • Reduced carbon footprint for your company
  • Reduced office premises costs


  • BusinessTalk 100s BusinessTalk 100S: This includes a soft-phone which can be installed on a home PC or laptop. You get full access to all the call features of the office switchboard including transfers/ redirects, voicemail and conferencing giving you a comprehensive office presence even while working from home.

  • BusinessTalk 100t BusinessTalk 100T: If you often work from home, you will benefit from a dedicated handset and router installed at your home to be seamlessly connected to the office phone system at all times.