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Remote Working

When you are away for a business trip, a customer meeting, a sales call or for any other purpose, you would still want to be connected to your office. Voiplex provides a range of features to keep you connected when you are on the move.

Solutions and Benefits:

  • Mobile redirection: Calls from you extension can be redirected to a mobile or a landline number so that you are always able to receive your office incoming calls from anywhere

  • Remote access to voicemail: You can check your voicemail from any phone by dialling a pre-defined number

  • Calling card: Working from home and having to make frequent international calls can be quite expensive. You can benefit from the Voiplex calling card facility that allows you make calls from your mobile or landline while still benefiting from the competitive office call tariffs. This not only reduces costs but also saves admin time as all calls are billed to the office account (Available for Android)

  • Hot desking: If you operate from multiple locations, you can log on to any handset and make it your extension. This means that your presence is not restricted by your physical location or your handset.

  • TravelConnect: Mobile workers can specify an incoming and outgoing number on a web application and use the competitive office phone system tariffs to make calls (Available for Android)