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Custom Solution

We provide fully custom solutions to match your exact business needs and processes.

Voiplex constitutes a VoIP enabled interconnect, a "plex" of components that can be linked and configured to form a unique customer proposition.

For example, you can have different incoming telephone numbers, ringing plans, welcome messages and call routing to reflect the organization of your business.

You can also extend your office phone system to cater for mobile working or working from home. You can even link all the UK offices and home locations to a single UK-wide company switchboard.

Treat your customers as special: give them a unique telephone number to call you and be able to provide the best personalized service on the planet by your specialist customer team - whether in the office, on the move or from home.

Endless possibilities to consider

  • Build your own phone solution
  • Choose from a variety of handsets to minimize vendor lock-in
  • Benefit from our expertise in software development to integrate your phone to software applications including billing management and adding/removing phone extensions online
  • Custom dial plans

Full integration with your PC

  • Dial out from Outlook and other tools
  • Link with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • View call status and statistics
  • View and replay recorded calls

Examples of custom applications provided to our customers

  • FlexConnect - Easy to use web tool to manage and to reconfigure phones and extensions at any time
  • SmartBilling - Custom web tool to produce phone bills to facilitate customer billing at any time
  • CallMe Now - Business managing helpdesks can give customers the options to enter their numbers on a web page and get an immediate call back
  • TravelConnect - Allows mobile workers to specify an incoming and outgoing number on a web application and use the competitive office phone system tariffs to make calls
  • Call Reporting & Billing - Provides administrators with real-time call reports and allows them to monitor the cost of phone calls. Click here for more details