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Applications for Mobiles and Smartphones

Our applications for mobiles and smartphones will provide you the benefit of your office phone system whenever you are on the move, so you are always connected to your businesses.

Android is already supported. Please call our office now to join our pilot programme and to discuss your mobility requirements in detail.

Other platform support including iPhone will follow soon. See selected applications below.

VOIPLEX Call-Me-Now Icon VOIPLEX Call-Me-Now

CallMeNow allows a travelling person to make calls at 1p/min anywhere in the world without any roaming charges.

- Benefit from low cost tariffs through office phone system while on the move
- Consolidate phone bills from mobile working within your organization
- Calls are treated as incoming calls on both parties' handsets
- No outbound call charges from the users
- Works on Android smartphones
- Works also via a standard website without using any mobile phones

VOIPLEX TravelTalk Icon VOIPLEX TravelTalk

TravelTalk allows users to make low cost international calls by utilising existing free minutes with a single touch. This is similar to calling cards.

- Low cost international calls
- One touch to make the call
- Works on Android smarphones