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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get answers to some frequently asked questions here. For any other queries please send us an email at with your queries and requirements or call us at 020 7100 8071

  1. What is VoIP?
    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol . It refers to a family of transmission technologies for transferring voice communication over the network. For a detailed explanation of VoIP, please click here

  2. Do I need to keep my BT line?
    You will need to have at least one BT line for the broadband connection. However multiple extensions and handsets can be set up on the same BT line so Voiplex gives you more flexibility and saves costs on line rentals.

  3. Does the receiving party also need to have a VoIP handset?
    No, with VoIP you can make calls to any phones or mobiles. You will be talking in the same way as you do on a normal telephone. Moreover, if the receiving parties are also on Voiplex phone system you can make free calls to one another.

  4. Do I lose my BT number if I move to VOIPLEX?
    You have the option to retain your existing BT number or we can give you a new UK geographic/ non-geographic number. The ported BT number or the number becomes a business asset and you can keep it forever, even if you move your offices to a new location in the UK. Additional geographic/non-geographic numbers can be added within 1 hour of request.

  5. What happens if the broadband goes down? Will I lose my incoming calls?
    Voiplex technology is designed to ensure total business continuity. If for some reason the broadband goes down, all incoming calls can be automatically routed to a pre-defined number or a mobile so that you never lose an incoming call.

  6. Is this the same as Skype?
    Skype is a consumer oriented product. Unlike VOIPLEX, Skype is very much dependent on PCs. You cannot have a standard BT number with Skype and you will not get the comprehensive features offered by Voiplex. Besides, Voiplex offers a fully managed service with an expert support group to address any ongoing requirements that your business may have so that you can continue to focus on your business growth.

  7. Is the call quality affected because of VoIP?
    No, it is as good as a normal telephone line.

  8. What is the difference between the standard and the premium tariffs?
    Standard tariff is the most cost-effective plan with the minimum possible call rates to all destinations while still ensuring excellent call quality. Premium tariff provides the best call quality especially for calls to mobiles in areas such as Central Africa and Middle East, with developing telecom infrastructures, while still offering 1p per min calls to several destinations.

  9. What equipment do I need in my premises?
    The standard equipment comprises telephone handsets, network router and switch. For a hosted solution, no other equipment is needed at your premises. If you want additional software applications to be integrated to your phone system you will also require a standard server to be installed in your premises. Other than this the entire solution is software based and you do not need any other equipment on your premises.

  10. Which handsets does this system support?
    Voiplex technology is designed to work with handsets from all major manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, Linksys and many more. This increases your options and minimises lock-in with any particular vendor.

  11. How much will a typical Voiplex phone system cost?
    The cost of the phone system depends on the actual requirements, i.e. the number of handsets, the total number of sites to be connected and the overall features required.
    For example, a complete installation of 10 handsets and a fully featured switchboard, the overall cost will be of the order of £3000. This included all necessary broadband activations, site visits for installation, user training and complete project management.